Our company

Sifrais Employés-

Founded in 2006 by Gilles Lecoindre, former market leader at Danone’s, the company SIFRAIS offers fresh and ready to consume products across all the Territory of New Caledonia, through 3 large marks :

  • VIV for the fresh pastas, sandwiches, salads and pizzas
  • Kouski for blinis
  • Receipts of Marire-Pierre

Fresh products and 0% food preservatives added.
At SIFRAIS, we strive to offer you fresh food, ready to eat, good and healthy for you. Whether for pasta, sandwiches, blinis or meals, all our products are carefully packaged under a protective atmosphere and are guaranteed without addition of food preservatives.


A recognized company

Local added value, creation of jobs, sustainable development… The Company SIFRAIS is examplary in New Caledonia and has been rewarded many times for its ability to innovate.

2011 - JOMD - Special jury award

Competition which rewards innovation in ultramarine countries, the Business Competition of the overseas development (JOMD) The Special Jury awarded SIFRAIS company in October 2011 for its expansión project structure of production.

2013 - FCEPL - Award-mixed economy

In May 2013, the Calédonian Federation of Local Public Entreprises (FCEPL) honored the company SIFRAIS the prize of economy-mixed 2013,winner in the Southern province, for the construction of its new manufacturing plant of fresh products.