The choice of a suitable room is important: it is often a reflection of the image of the company vis-à-vis customers and suppliers.

Our premises of more than 1000 m² include a multitude of cold rooms, a preparation room, a professional bakery, one for slicing cold cuts or cheeses, another for the design of sandwiches and salads and finally a dining room. 'packaging.

"Hygiene at all costs. Everything has been thought of in terms of food safety and respect for the cold chain.


Innovation is at the heart of our priorities, it can only pass by constantly renewed material.

The modernization of our production tools is constant and allows to improve the comfort of the employees.


The majority of our packaging is under a protective atmosphere to optimize product preservation without adding preservatives.

This allows us to obtain a product of quality and a perfect freshness.


As soon as the raw material arrives, it is sent to the appropriate zones either in a dry zone or in a positive cold room (0 ° and 4 °) or in a negative cold room (-20 °).

Once the products are packaged, they are immediately stored in a cold room.


In terms of logistics, Sifrais has a large fleet of trucks that delivers Nouméa and Nouméa daily and the bush twice a week.


The watchword of the factory is versatility.

One person can take care of several positions, such as salads, wraps or clubs.

For the men and women who have been the success of our company for years, we improve the working conditions of our employees, we play the card of the professional integration of the disabled, and regularly welcome trainees ...