The taste of

Healthy, balanced, servings, no added preservatives or dyes.

The health of our consumers will always be at the center of our priorities.

For fun
and nutrition

SIFRAIS meets all your "snacking" expectations by bringing you innovation, good taste and quality.

The nutritional aspect is largely taken into account with healthy products, rigorously selected and balanced ingredients.

To satisfy our consumers, we develop vegan and vegetarian ranges.

Sifrais and
local producers

In an increasingly global world where economic globalization tends to standardize food in general, the search for "local" is becoming more and more urgent.

We have therefore chosen, as much as possible, to value local products in order to reduce the impact on the ecology (versus the import) and create a maximum of added value and jobs in the Territory.

Sifrais and the

In favor of the environment, SIFRAIS is committed by sponsoring certain actions of the Caledoclean association and by participating in the collection of waste.

Sifrais and

« A head made in a healthy body » !

For the physical well being, essential element of the pleasure of eating well, we are involved in the promotion of sport through sailing.

Sifrais and

Our teams select the best varieties of ingredients and make every effort to offer you quality products full of flavors.

Every day everything is done to guarantee the freshness and the same intense pleasure to each tasting of our products.

Sifrais and the

For the men and women who have been the success of our company for years, we are advancing the working conditions of our employees.

We play the card of the training, the professional integration of the disabled and regularly welcome trainees.